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We send you (or if it's a gift, the recipient) six or twelve bottles of wine, four times a year, based on your budget and wine preferences. We suggest different categories (California Reds, International mixed, for example), but ultimately the type of wines you receive is up to you. We customize wine shipments for our in-store customers all the time, so our loyal wine club members deserve even better service.

We send you outstanding wine, picked from our wine racks. No "bulk wine buys" for our wine club. No "dogs" that won't sell elsewhere. Your wines are the same tiny-production, special wines that we're recommending to our customers every day. Internationally, with many countries currently represented. You say you want only weird varieties? Shall we start with Ribolla, Furmint, Samso or Pecorino?

Tasting notes are included with each wine shipment, 99% of them written by us. If you are sending the wine club as a gift, we will include an introductory note with the first shipment to explain the recipient's wine club membership.

Efficient, dependable delivery. We'll email you notification that your wine is on the way, and on what day to expect it.

We honor your requests to change, reschedule, or cancel your wine club any time. All we ask is you let us know before your next wine club shipment is due to be assembled and shipped. Your happiness is key when you join the wine club.


For more information on the Back Room Wine Club, visit: