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Perez Barquero Gran Barquero Amontillado 500ml


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If Amontillado is the pinnacle of traditional fortified wines, our Gran Barquero represents definition, finesse, the warmest, gastronomic and exemplary profile. The ideal of a current Amontillado in which elegance and complexity, sensory appeal and a sense of origin meet. The long aging under the velo de flor —more than 10 years—, followed by oxidative aging for no less than 15 years, manage to raise an irresistible personality, appreciated throughout the world.

More Information
Wine Type Dessert and Fortified
Grape Palomino
Producer Perez Barquero
Vintage M.V.
Country Spain
Region Andalucia
Appellation/AVA Jerez
Alcohol Content 19
Bottle Size 500ml