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Wine - White - Grenachista

Winemaker Casey Graybehl has a singular focus allowing him to hone in on the subtleties and nuances of the varietals he loves so much, Grenache and Grenache Blanc. He is on a mission to share the gospel of the unsung hero of the wine world. He is, The.Grenachista. A self-proclaimed ‘Grenache Guerilla’, inspired by the wines of Southern France and Spain, the supreme regions for Grenache. Utilizing Old World techniques, Grenache Blanc is fermented in a mix of neutral oak and amphora-like concrete eggs while Grenache Noir clusters are left whole resulting in the lifted fruit and aromatics of carbonic-maceration. He chooses not to inoculate with commercial yeasts, instead allowing fermentations to start natively. Little use of new French Oak is employed yet still contributes greatly to a textured and balanced mouthfeel. Casey makes very small quantities of wine, helping to ensure it receives his full attention.

Casey is a one-man show. He takes pride in his wine business, managing all aspects of production, sales, accounting, compliance, and much more. He is proud to be a ‘Grenache Activist’. He believes in supporting the underdog and considers it his life’s work to get these dynamic varietals the recognition they deserve.

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