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Wine - White - Erggelet

Julian and Sebastian Erggelet interest in wine was sparked while sipping leftover Riesling out of Grandfather Erggelet’s goblet as kids. After growing up in southern Germany and coming of age as vinophile dilettantes, they pursued degrees in Philosophy & Economics (Sebastian) and Medicine (Julian). As they moved along these career paths, the focus of thier lives gradually shifted from sitting under fluorescent office lights to walking through the vineyards of the Rhine valley with Bertrand Russell in the back pocket and exploring the joys of farming, eating good food and drinking great wines. While Sebastian went back to school for Viticulture & Enology, Julian completed his medical degree. After this they embarked on a journey around the globe to taste, experience and assemble the taste buds necessary to make intriguing wine. The learning years saw us working our way through harvests, cellars, kitchens and many bottles of wine in France, Switzerland, Australia and Spain.

They came to California in 2014 with just enough savings to cover two months’ rent and buy a ‘well used’ Subaru. After gaining invaluable experience at OVID and Seven Stones Winery in the Napa Valley, then Martin Estate in Rutherford and Hannah Nicole Winery in Brentwood, They started making our own wine in 2015. Sebastian is the Associate Winemaker for Grgich Hills Estate in Rutherford. Julian spends his days fixing tractors and farming his vineyard and orchard in Contra Costa County. With some patience, a good sombrero and German OCD, they are farming with integrity and make wine that tells a story of sand, blazing sun and howling winds off the California Delta.

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