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  1. Toquade Sauvignon Blanc Napa Valley 2017

    Toquade Sauvignon Blanc Napa Valley 2017

    Toquade, meaning craze or infatuation, is a Sauvignon Blanc only label from winemaker and viticulturist Christine Barbe. Her passion for Sauvignon began in her home of Bordeaux, and she’s continued it here in California. This is a delicious, extremely refreshing white, with pungent aromas of white pepper, capsicum, elderflower, grass, grapefruit, and green apples. Tangy and very fresh on the palate, this is summer in a glass. Learn More
  2. Henri Bourgeois "Les Baronnes" Sancerre 2017

    Henri Bourgeois "Les Baronnes" Sancerre 2017

    Legendary Sancerre producer – this is everything you’d expect from Loire Sauvignon Blanc. The wine is full of pungent but balanced and integrated grassy, herbaceous aromas, as well as citrus, green apples, and elderflower, and a slight earthiness. The acidity is really crisp, adding to the lean, stony, steely, mineral mouthfeel. Classic Sancerre. Learn More
  3. Les Deux Moulins Sauvignon Blanc 2017

    Les Deux Moulins Sauvignon Blanc 2017

    Crisp, fruity, aromatic Sauvignon Blanc from central Loire Valley, between Anjou and Tours. This covers all the Sauvignon Blanc bases: grass, lemon, gooseberry, pineapple, passion fruit, and grapefruit with racy acidity and a long mineral finish. Simple, easy, fun, and fresh: great on its own or ideal pairing for white fish. You could pay more, but why? Learn More
  4. McGah Family Scarlett Sauvignon Blanc Rutherford 2016

    McGah Family Scarlett Sauvignon Blanc Rutherford 2016

    From the McGah Family's vineyard on Silverado Trail in Rutherford (heart of the Valley). Fruit forward, juicy, happy wine with ample tropical, orchard, melon, and citrus fruit flavors. Fermented dry with loads of ripe fruit and the right the right amount of acidity to perk it up. Splash of Semillon added for depth, body, and aromatics. Barrel ferment, aged in tank & barrel. Learn More
  5. Tzora Judean Hills White Israel 2017

    Tzora Judean Hills White Israel 2017

    Tzora (pronounced ser-ah) is a project of MW Eran Pick. Based in the Judean Hills, where wine has been made for 5,000 years, the vineyards are just 40km from the cooling Mediterranean Sea, planted at 600m elevation. The grapes are 75% Chardonnay, 25% Sauvignon Blanc: the richness of Chardonnay is evident, with stone fruit, cream, lees, and spice aromas, while the Sauvignon Blanc adds herbaceous grass aromas and acidity. Learn More
  6. Chateau Villefranche Sauternes 2015

    Chateau Villefranche Sauternes 2015

    90% Sémillon, 5% Sauvignon Blanc, 5% Muscadet. From a producer located in Barsac comes this deliciously tasty Sauternes. It’s everything you’d expect, with upfront, vibrant aromas of honeysuckle, jasmine, apricot jam, orange peel, marmalade, and quince, followed by a rich, mouthcoating, viscous palate. Scrumptious. Learn More
  7. Didier Dagueneau "Silex" Pouilly-Fume 2015

    Didier Dagueneau "Silex" Pouilly-Fume 2015

    $130.00 (NET)
    Benjamin Dagueneau's most minerally, intense, long-lived wine. Biodynamic farmed vineyard grown on Silex (FLINT) Soil. Barrel fermented and aged in French oak, 20% new. (Dagueneau's famous cigar barrels). This wine is always taut and "nervy" when young. Learn More
  8. Didier Dagueneau Blanc Fume de Pouilly 2015

    Didier Dagueneau Blanc Fume de Pouilly 2015

    $80.00 (NET)
    From a selection of parcels across the appellation, the aim is to create a wine that is as direct and pure an expression of Pouilly-Fumé as possible, with the intense, concentrated, perfumed, gunflint aromas characteristic of the appellation. As with all Dagueneau wines, there is no malolactic fermentation – which is perhaps why the wines can seem austere when young – but there is extended lees contact to give the wine more body, weight, and texture. Learn More
  9. Domaine de l'Hortus Bergerie Blanc 2016

    Domaine de l'Hortus Bergerie Blanc 2016

    Unusual but very appealing Languedoc blend of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Viognier, high elevation plantings keeping the acidity fresh and crisp. Aromatic and fruity on the nose with aromas of grapes, pear, peach, apricot, and melon, as well as floral, herbal aromas of honeysuckle and lemongrass. The palate has a rich creamy middle, giving weight to the refreshing acidity. Learn More
  10. Domaine de Reuilly "Les Pierres Plates" Reuilly 2017

    Domaine de Reuilly "Les Pierres Plates" Reuilly 2017

    Reuilly lies south of Sancerre, producing wines of a similar style and quality - although they’re arguably purer expressions of Sauvignon Blanc. This is classic Loire Sauvignon: pungent aromas of grass, capsicum, hay, elderflower, crisp green apples, and gooseberries, with high, very refreshing acidity. Smells like and should be drunk on a summer’s day. Very tasty. Learn More