1. Henri Bourgeois "Les Baronnes" Sancerre 2018

    Henri Bourgeois "Les Baronnes" Sancerre 2018

    Legendary Sancerre producer – this is everything you’d expect from Loire Sauvignon Blanc. The wine is full of pungent but balanced and integrated grassy, herbaceous aromas, as well as citrus, green apples, and elderflower, and a slight earthiness. The acidity is really crisp, adding to the lean, stony, steely, mineral mouthfeel. Classic Sancerre. Learn More
  2. Serge Laloue Sancerre 2018

    Serge Laloue Sancerre 2018

    The Laloue family farm has been around since the 1930’s, but they never completely focused on growing grapes until the 1960’s. There is 21 hectares total with these grapes coming from a combination of clay and silex. The grapes ripen a little earlier in the area and it creates a wonderful blend of new and old world styles. Grapefruit and gooseberries with fresh-cut grass and flinty minerals. Big fresh acid and a long dry finish. Learn More
  3. Daniel Chotard Sancerre 2018

    Daniel Chotard Sancerre 2018

    In recent years Daniel has handed over the reins to his son Simon, which has resulted in some subtle changes, such as organic farming practices. Another choice Simon makes is to pick the grapes later than most in order to achieve a style that has less acid. This does not make a flabby wine by any means; instead it exhibits round flavors of pears, quince, and honeydew. This is a very refreshing take on the classic Sancerre. Learn More
  4. Philippe Raimbault Sancerre "Apud Sariacum" 2017

    Philippe Raimbault Sancerre "Apud Sariacum" 2017

    9th-generation winery sourcing grapes from hillside parcels rising above Sancerre. This is everything you’d expect from Sancerre and then some more. A subtly pungent nose of lemon zest, green apples, gooseberry, elderflower, grass, hawthorn, and capsicum leads into a fresh, crisp palate with a mineral flinty texture, the acidity balanced by a rich mouthfeel, all rounded off by a long spicy finish. Learn More