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  1. Bodegas Barbadillo Manzanilla en Rama Pastora Sherry Jerez

    Bodegas Barbadillo Manzanilla en Rama Pastora Sherry Jerez

    Punchy yeast, including a hint of bitterness, but also mellow notes like hay and butter. Becomes a little rounder over time, with yellow apple and chamomile, as well as a subtle sweet touch. A really smooth entry, but with a lot of complexity, gradually growing wider, with more intense saline and savoury notes. Touches of herbal bitterness and mineral notes. Toasted hazelnuts. Very yeasty but at the same time some fruity notes before moving into a long, salty and warming finish Learn More
  2. Lustau Emperatriz Eugenia VROS Oloroso

    Lustau Emperatriz Eugenia VROS Oloroso

    Named after the last French Empress to visit Jerez, this is a wonderful, mature, serious Oloroso. From a solera established in 1921, it’s an incredibly rich wine that’s balanced by a viscous mouthfeel, full of aromas of fig, date, prune, cloves, nutmeg, toffee, fudge, brown sugar, mahogany, and smoke. The small amount of residual sugar (9g/L) is offset by the richness of the aromas and a long, drying finish. Such a complex, involved sherry. Learn More
  3. Lustau Almacenista Jose Luis Gonzalez Obregon Amontillado del Puerto NV

    Lustau Almacenista Jose Luis Gonzalez Obregon Amontillado del Puerto NV

    Part of Lustau’s almacenista series, in which they sell on behalf of small producers, in this case José Luis González Obregón. They’re based in El Puerto by the coast which gives the wine a real freshness. Just 10 butts make up the solera system that has an average age of 12 years, 5 spent under flor. Rich and creamy with complex aromas of brown sugar, toffee, clove, nutmeg, dusty leather, dried flowers, dough, and a long, spicy finish. Learn More
  4. Equipos Navazos Fino En Rama NV

    Equipos Navazos Fino En Rama NV

    Equipos Navazos, a relatively new and hugely popular project, source their wines from the best barrels in the region and always release them en rama – unfiltered, so it’s just like tasting the wine directly from the barrel. This is a fantastic fino, with a bit more color and weight to it than usual as well as characteristically pungent aromas of roasted almonds, dough, baked apples, tarte tatin, nutmeg, and ginger and a fresh, vibrant palate. Learn More
  5. B. Rodriguez "Barbiana" Manzanilla NV

    B. Rodriguez "Barbiana" Manzanilla NV

    Historic family company dating back to the 1700s established a new solera in the late 1970s for their manzanilla in a chalky bodega that benefits from the westerly poniente sea breezes: ideal conditions for this delicate style of sherry. The manzanilla is aged for 6 to 8 years under a layer of flor to produce a complex yet remarkably fresh sherry, with aromas of roasted almonds, baked apples, yeast, dough, salt, and seaweed, followed by a lightly spicy finish. Very tasty. Learn More
  6. Lustau Vermut Rojo

    Lustau Vermut Rojo

    Lustau are reviving an old sherry tradition of making Vermouth. This is based on two wines – sweet PX and dry, nutty Amontillado, aged separately in their own soleras for 10 years – before maceration with more than ten botanicals and herbs such as cinnamon bark, cinchona, gentian, sage, absinthe, coriander, and orange peel. Seductive, sweet, and velvety, with just a touch of bitterness, with red plums and grapes on top of the herbal, botanical aromas. Sip chilled. Learn More
  7. Emilio Lustau Sherry Palo Cortado "Peninsula" M.V.

    Emilio Lustau Sherry Palo Cortado "Peninsula" M.V.

    Palo Cortado is the rarest of all varieties of Sherry with less than 100,000 bottles sold per year world-wide. (Compared to 60 million bottles overall). The producer truly believes that this Sherry brings together the finesse and delicacy of an Amontillado with the richness and body of an Oloroso. Light amber color, nutty and dry with nuances of vanilla, mocha, and dark chocolate. This is the bottle we bring home. Learn More