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  1. Big Table Farm "Wild Bee" Chardonnay 2018

    Big Table Farm "Wild Bee" Chardonnay 2018

    Oregon has the potential to produce world-class Chardonnay, and this is a fantastic example. There’s great depth of flavor and balance between the creamy palate, aromas of peach, apricot, white pepper, and white flowers, fresh acidity, and the grainy texture. Despite hints of richness, this is a wonderfully delicate, elegant wine with great finesse. Learn More
  2. Massone Gavi Piedmont 2018

    Massone Gavi Piedmont 2018

    Stefano Massone’s Piemonte vineyards are located in the warmer southeastern part of the region in Gavi, where the Cortese grape achieves maximum ripeness, but this is not to say that it lacks the acidity or minerality that the region is known for. This ripeness actually balances the salty minerality and lively acidity. Flavors of jackfruit, pears, baked apples, citrus and fresh herbs. Fresh, crisp, spry, and low in alcohol for any occasion. Learn More
  3. Anne Amie Pinot Gris "Two Estates" Willamette Valley 2018

    Anne Amie Pinot Gris "Two Estates" Willamette Valley 2018

    We’ve been big fans of this Willamette Valley winery for a long time, as they produce excellent wines at great value. This Pinot Gris is no exception. A floral nose of magnolia, verbena, and jasmine leads into aromas of meyer lemon, pear, and white tea. There’s an oily, savory edge to the wine which immediately makes us think of food: pan-seared trout anyone? Learn More
  4. Brovia Roero Arneis 2018

    Brovia Roero Arneis 2018

    Piemonte native Arneis faced near extinction in the 1970s, but it has made a welcome comeback, particularly in the hands of classic producers like Brovia. Aromas of green apples, pears, almonds, and white pepper lead on to a palate with refreshing acidity, some creaminess and weight, and a lingering spicy finish. A serious wine that pairs perfectly with lobster or crabcakes. Learn More
  5. Antica Terra "Aurata" Chardonnay Willamette Valley 2017

    Antica Terra "Aurata" Chardonnay Willamette Valley 2017

    $150.00 (NET)
    Antica Terra is one of the finest “cult” wineries in Oregon and we were pleased to find out that they have a Chardonnay. In sourcing chardonnay, Antica Terra looked to the Shea Vineyard because it is one of the places that real depth and intensity comes through. Even in an opulent vintage, the vineyard has the ability to hold onto acid and deliver a deeply expressive wine with astonishing persistence. Learn More
  6. Schiopetto Ribolla Gialla Venezia Giulia 2018

    Schiopetto Ribolla Gialla Venezia Giulia 2018

    Ribolla Gialla has captured the affection of hipster-somms for the last few years, and it is with good reason. The wine is naturally high in acid and it gains a creaminess from the extended lees contact leading to a straw yellow color. The smells wafting out of the glass are lightly musty, with tangerine, flowers, and a cashew-like nuttyness. Due to its salty minerality and pronounced acid on the finish this is a perfect pairing for fish, mussels or pecorino orecchiette . Learn More
  7. Manincor Moscato Giallo Sudtirol-Alto Adige 2015

    Manincor Moscato Giallo Sudtirol-Alto Adige 2015

    From Alto Adige, the region in far northern Italy, where the Alps rise to the sky, is home of Manincor and this delicious "Yellow Muscat." Super-duper delicious white wine. Smell & taste ripe yellow grapefruit, nutmeg, pineapple, chopped ginger, lemon blossoms. Jolt of acidity on the palate. Finishes very dry. Delicious by itself, with stronger cheeses and most Thai food dishes. Learn More