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  1. Tetu Rose Cotes du Roussillon 2018

    Tetu Rose Cotes du Roussillon 2018

    70% Syrah, 30% Grenache from Catalan France in the Côtes du Roussillon – this is the perfect summer wine from the warmest and driest of France’s wine regions. It’s extremely refreshing, with a light, easy-drinking mouthfeel and aromas of fresh rose petals, strawberry, red cherry, and pomegranate. Immediate, engaging, and very approachable, with a juicy, fruity core that gives the wine life and vibrancy. Learn More
  2. Paitin Langhe Nebbiolo "Starda" 2017

    Paitin Langhe Nebbiolo "Starda" 2017

    Here in the heart of Napa, we’re finding it very hard to resist becoming a wine shop specialising in Nebbiolo. But it’s hard when there’s so much good wine being made, especially when it’s such good value as this one. Anyone we’ve tasted blind on this wine has guessed it to be priced at $40-50, but it’s half the price. It’s everything you want and expect from Nebbiolo – pretty and floral with aromas of red fruits, tar, and perfume, with a superb tannic/acidic structure. Learn More
  3. Jose Maria da Fonseca Moscatel Roxo de Setubal 1997

    Jose Maria da Fonseca Moscatel Roxo de Setubal 1997

    This isn’t something you taste every day: fortified purple Muscat from the historic peninsula of Setúbal outside Lisbon, dating back to the 1997 vintage. This is a rich, sweet, complex wine full of aromas of grapes, fig, prune, dates, toast, brown sugar, molasses, honey, clove, and nutmeg, with a long, involved, fresh finish. Drink with blue cheese or chocolate. Learn More
  4. Soto Junmai Daiginjo Sake 300ml

    Soto Junmai Daiginjo Sake 300ml

    This is an extremely elegant and stylish sake, coming in an extremely well-designed package. It’s junmai daiginjo, so 50% polishing and no alcohol added. The nose is so fresh, with aromas of freshly-cut flowers, umami, and spice, and a light, engaging fruitiness – peach, red apple, lychee. That pretty nose is followed by a clean, crisp, fine palate that’s given some richness by a touch of sweetness. Superb. Learn More
  5. La Ferme Rouge "Terre Rouge" Morocco 2016

    La Ferme Rouge "Terre Rouge" Morocco 2016

    This Moroccan red comes from 50km north of Casablanca and 15km from the sea, the grapes grown in the Zaer AOC at 450m altitude for an ideal balance between warmth and cooling influences. The blend is of Carignan and Syrah, resulting in an inviting nose of roses, violets, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, and black cherry, with a touch of jam, good grip on the palate and an overall easy, juicy mouthfeel. Great weekday red. Learn More
  6. Weegmuller Haarddter Burgergartern Riesling Kabinett Pfalz 2011

    Weegmuller Haarddter Burgergartern Riesling Kabinett Pfalz 2011

    There’s nothing better than tasting older Riesling, and this Kabinett from 2011 is a fine example of the grape as it matures. It’s golden in color, with developing aromas of smoke, petrol, and honey, as well as some lime zest, peach, and apricot. On the palate the sweetness gives the wine body and weight, but the overall impression is of a fresh, light, delicate wine. Learn More
  7. Weingut Kunstler Riesling Trocken 2014

    Weingut Kunstler Riesling Trocken 2014

    High quality producer from Rheingau makes this Riesling that’s got some maturity to it. It has a really attractive nose that’s floral with citrus aromas of lemon pith and developing petrol and smoke. There’s a gentle creaminess on the palate which rounds it out, lifted by crisp acidity. It’s delicate and nervy, with a touch of spice giving an extra edge and grip. Great example of Riesling with some age to it. Learn More
  8. Beaumont Chenin Blanc Bot River 2018

    Beaumont Chenin Blanc Bot River 2018

    From Bot River in Walker Bay, where the vineyards are particularly exposed to the coast to cool growing conditions down and maintain freshness in the wines. This is classic South African Chenin Blanc at a very good price: a waxy texture, with aromas of peach, nectarine, white pepper, jasmine, and acacia. There’s a warm, welcome richness that’s extremely well balanced by a viscous mouthfeel and fresh acidity. Great seafood wine. Learn More
  9. Tahbilk "1927 Vines" Marsanne 2008

    Tahbilk "1927 Vines" Marsanne 2008

    From some of the oldest Marsanne vines in the world, planted in 1927 in Goulburn Valley inland north of Melbourne. It’s a treat that the winery releases the wines with some age on them so that the mature complexity of Marsanne can be fully appreciated. From 2008, the wine has aromas of peach, apricot, dried fruit, nuts, and wax, with a creamy mouthfeel, chewy fruit, and lively acidity. An extraordinary, unique wine. Learn More
  10. Tyrell's "HDV" Hunter Valley Semillon 2011

    Tyrell's "HDV" Hunter Valley Semillon 2011

    This is one of the classic wines of Australia, single-vineyard Semillon from Hunter Valley. This bottle is how Semillon should be best appreciated – with some age. It’s from 2011, and demonstrates the extraordinary development Hunter Semillon undergoes with age: pronounced aromas of smoke, petrol, white pepper, roasted almonds, followed by high acidity, a light body, and an oily, viscous texture. Learn More