1. Valdesil "Montenovo" Godello Valdeorras 2017

    Valdesil "Montenovo" Godello Valdeorras 2017

    Valdesil are a producer who own the world’s oldest Godello vines, planted back in the 1880s in Valdeorras. Understandably, it’s a variety they specialize in, using it to explore the mountainous terroir of the region. This is their introductory Godello, which is fermented using native yeasts and released to be drunk young and fresh, with a subtle creaminess rounding the wine out. Extremely appealing. Learn More
  2. Chateau d'Arlay Vin Jaune 2008

    Chateau d'Arlay Vin Jaune 2008

    One of the great, most unusual wines of France, Vin Jaune is made in a similar way to fino sherry, with a layer of flor slowly developing on top of the wine as it ages – in this case for 8 years. It’s gained a deep color from the ageing, with nutty, dried fruit, and spice aromas, a doughy, creamy texture, an an astonishing balance between acidity and a weighty mouthfeel. A magnificent experience that has to be tried. Learn More