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  1. Dubrovacki Crljenak Kastelanski 2015

    Dubrovacki Crljenak Kastelanski 2015

    From a vineyard planted in 2007 after it was discovered that Crljenak Kaštelanski is the same variety as Zinfandel. Conditions are quite different from here in California, as the climate is cool and coastal. It also goes through a short maceration, so not as much fruit or color is extracted. Overall, the wine is soft, fruity, and light, with a juicy ripeness on the palate offset by gripping tannins and high acidity. Learn More
  2. Sipun Sansigot Krk Croatia 2015

    Sipun Sansigot Krk Croatia 2015

    Sansigot is the local variety which makes deep-colored, full-bodied red wines, while the place is Krk, a small island off the Croatian coast. The wine is aged in different types of wood, including untoasted walnut, mulberry, cherry oak, and acacia casks, all leading to a fruity, cherry-driven, but light-bodied wine with soft chocolate, rose petal, and spice aromas, followed by a lightly chewy, gripping palate. Learn More
  3. Coronica Malvasia Istria Croatia 2017

    Coronica Malvasia Istria Croatia 2017

    Malvasia is found across the Mediterranean, and produces rich, aromatic wines. Grown on the Istrian coast in Croatia, the sea influence keeps the wine fresh and gives it an acidic edge. There’s also a saline quality to go with the full stone, tropical fruit aromas, as well as a tight, drying grip. Rich enough on its own or to be paired with white fish or seafood. Learn More