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Napa Wines - Red - Taplin

Fifth generation Taplins founded Taplin Cellars in 2011 to share the magic that this valley holds. By 2016 they incorporated the next generation into the board responsible for long-term planning. To manage the short-term, the Taplins work with a talented team: vineyard managers Doug Wight and Erik Dodd; winemaker Julien Fayard; and general manager Sylvia Taplin.

Winemaker Julien Fayard shares our outlook. Growing up in a French winery family, he trained in classical Old-World winemaking in Bordeaux before striking out for the new world of Napa Valley terroir. Julien works closely with us and our vineyard management team to craft our wine with a minimalist’s grace. Instead of forcing the wine with aggressive intervention, he prefers to coax it along and let the site speak for itself.

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