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Wine - Cabernet Sauvignon - Zakin Winery

Situated on 150 acres, facing southwest on Howell Mountain the property looks over the Napa Valley from between 1,250 and 1,450 feet above the valley floor. The vineyards benefit from consistent sun throughout the growing season and rocky, volcanic soil; conditions ideal for growing cabernet grapes. The property consists of three vineyard areas: The Pool Block, The Upper Vineyard, and the Back Blocks- totaling approximately 3.8 acres.

Jon Zakin, originally from NY, is a tech entrepreneur and longtime wine collector with a passion for French Bordeaux and California Cabernet. When he purchased the property in 1998 he committed to do whatever it takes to create a wine that would stand up to the best wines in the world. In 1998, he met Janice Hansen. They were married on the property in 1999.

Jan, an OB/GYN, originally from Hawaii, brings a passion for science and biology. Jan embraced our project with the dedication and focus that inspires everything she does from her work at the San Francisco Free Clinic and NASA, to being a competitive marathon runner.

In 2000, our daughter Tatiana was born. Tati’s love of science is taking her on a path to medicine like her mother. Her intelligence, beauty and grace is a constant inspiration and reminder of what perfection looks like.

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