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Wine - 2013 - Newberry

Brian Newberry, Owner/Winemaker, son of a firefighter and hairdresser, was born and raised in Napa Valley when there were fewer than 50 wineries. His international and domestic travels have provided indelible reference points for how food and drink are best paired...with friends and family. Through every one of those great times, was Brian's wife, Julia, they met in college at UC San Diego, while on a fancy date, not yet able to afford a Cabernet Sauvignon, they shared their first bottle of Cab Franc...who knew?

After moving back to Napa in 2010, Brian and Julia, acquired their first ton of grapes from an amazing source, and produced their first wine in the cellar of their new home. This idea of site-selecting small quantities of prime fruit from local farmers, to make a great wine with friends, for friends, is what NEWBERRY is honored to share with you.

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