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Selbach Oster Zeltinger Sonnenuhr “Rotlay” Riesling Mosel 2010


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The 2010 Rotlay is a wine that Johannes Selbach feels is one of the most special from the last 20 years. The vintage started out underripe, but with patience the vintage turned a corner late and fully ripened. Over a decade in the bottle has been extremely gracious to this wine, creating aromas of marzipan, baked bread, marigold flowers and orange zest.  More fruits of peach, apricot, pear and minerals. The sweetness is at a Spatlese level, with acidity that is in full control over the balance of the wine.

More Information
Wine Type White
Grape Riesling
Producer Selbach-Oster
Vintage 2010
Country Germany
Region Mosel
Appellation/AVA Mosel
Alcohol Content 8.5
Bottle Size 750ml