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Pierazzuoli "Millarium" Vin Santo Riserva Chianti 2013

The grapes for this Vin Santo hail from Montalbano, the birthplace of Leonardo Davinci. Once the Trebbiano (80%) and Malvasia (20%) are picked they are strung up from wires for a six-month drying period in a special ventilated room. The precious juice is then aged 4 years in barriques and 1 year in bottles. Flavors of lightly burnt caramel, chamomile, citrus peel, nutmeg and crème brûlée. Enjoy this the traditional way with biscotti.
More Information
Wine Type Dessert and Fortified
Grape Malvasia, Trebbiano
Producer Pierazzuoli
Vintage 2013
Country Italy
Sub-Region Chianti
Bottle Size 750ml