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Perez Barquero Gran Barquero Amontillado

Amontillado literally means “from Montilla” (inland from Jerez) so it’s no surprise how good this wine is. Montilla-Moriles is similar to sherry but different: the region is hotter and drier and the wines are made from Pedro Ximenez grapes. Aged for an average of twenty-five years, this amontillado is full of rich, complex aromas of dried fruits, caramel, toffee, hazelnut, baked apple, orange peel, salt, and sweet spices. Delicious.
More Information
Wine Type Dessert and Fortified
Grape Pedro Ximenez
Producer Perez Barquero
Country Spain
Region Spain
Sub-Region Andalucia
Appellation/AVA Montilla-Moriles
Bottle Size 500ml