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Kalin Cellars Pinot Noir "Cuvee DD" Sonoma County 1999

Aged until it's deemed at its umami-laden peak, Kalin wines are special in their perfect maturity. Northern Alexander Valley vineyard. The fruit interplays with dry aged beef, soil, spice and dried rose petals. For the initiated...we want to make sure you know what to expect before you buy this. From Kalin Cellars: Most wines evoke the taste sensations of sweet, salty, bitter and sour. Kalin Cellars wines are among the VERY, VERY few wines presently available that evoke the FIFTH Taste of Umami. Umami is a newly discovered basic taste that is fundamentally different from the other four. It is variously described as delicious, savory or meaty. It is associated with the taste of perfection - a wine, fruit, cheese, mushroom or ham that is at its peak of flavor maturity and quality. Most wines are either not capable of attaining Umami or are offered for sale long before the fifth flavor of perfection is achieved. Kalin Cellars wines are aged in temperature and humidity controlled underground cellars until they achieve the perfection of Umami. Only after three to ten years of bottle age are these wines released for sale. To learn more about Wine With The Fifth Taste please visit the Umami Wine Page.
More Information
Wine Type Red
Grape Pinot Noir
Producer Kalin Cellars
Vintage 1999
Country USA
Region California
Appellation/AVA Sonoma County
Bottle Size 750ml