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D’Oliveira Sercial Madeira 1999

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From PorteVinho: “The Sercial Madeira wine is the lightest in colour, beautiful golden yellow, aromatic, floral and has citrus notes in youth that become more nutty after a while. D'Oliveiras Madeira Sercial from 1999 has an intense bouquet with pleasant aromas of vanilla, caramel, apple peel and toasted almonds. Reveals moderate acidity and a hint of sweetness. In the mouth it presents again aromas of apple, plum, lemon and nuts. The finish is long and refreshing.”

More Information
Wine Type Dessert and Fortified
Grape Sercial
Producer D'Oliveira
Vintage 1999
Country Portugal
Region Madeira
Alcohol Content 20
Bottle Size 750ml