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Champ Divin Fabrice & Valerie Vin Jeaune 2011

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100% late harvest Savagnin from the Grey marl of Les Molattes in Gevigney.  It is then transferred to 228L barrels and aged sous voile for 7 years and bottled in 620mL Clavelins. Very delicious Vin Jaune and very giving. Not at all austere like many young Vin Jaune are at release. All the curry spices and salinity tang you want from a Vin Jaune but just so drinkable at this young age. Will last days or weeks open and only gets better.

More Information
Wine Type Dessert and Fortified
Grape Savagnin
Producer Champ Divin
Vintage 2011
Country France
Region Jura
Alcohol Content 14.5
Naturally Grown Organic
Bottle Size 620ml