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Celler de Capcanes "La Nit de les Garnatxes" Montsant 2016 (4 bottle box set)


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Four wines: all Garnatxa (Grenache), all from Montsant, all aged for 4 months, but each one from a different vineyard with a different soil type. This is a great way of exploring the varied expressions of Garnatxa and how soil changes the character of a wine. The winemaker suggests tasting them from full-bodied and rich to light and delicate: sand (180-200m high), clay (600m), limestone (200-400m slopes), and slate (200-250m, right next to Priorat). Ideal gift for a wine lover.

From the winemaker, Jürgen Wagner:

There are two groups:
Sand and Limestone: light, bright, and delicate;
Clay and Slate: fleshy, full bodied, and rich.

I prefer to “jump” from one extreme to the other, that way most people get the differences best. My usual tasting order is: Sand-Clay-Limestone-Slate.

You find all vineyards, soils, in approx 5 miles radius. Altitude varies:
Sand : bottom parts of the valley (180m-220m);
Clay: one single high altitude “terracotta” clay vineyard at 600 m;
Limestone: the slopes from 200-400m;
Slate: like a land tongue from our neighbouring DO Priorat into DO Montsant, 200-250m.

To limit the factor of the differences in height and facing, we are give each plot the same days of vegetation/ripening. When flowering starts, which in each vineyard varies, we start counting, Day nº1. And then we pick each vineyard after the same amount of vegetation days. That way we can limit the influence of height and facing and difference in maturation a bit.

The vines are all between 30-60 years old.

La Nit de les Garnatxes means the Night of Grenache: once a year we make a big cellar party, now for the 12th time, opening the winery at 11:00pm, partying until 3am. It started as a Garnacha terroir winemaker event tasting and became a big event for 1000 wine lovers. There’s art, Michelin 1 Star finger food, live music, and great wines!
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