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Breckenridge Distillery P.X. Barrel Aged Bourbon Colorado


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From the Andalusia province of Spain, a luscious dessert wine is produced from the shriveled raisins of the Pedro Ximenez (PX) grape. This highly viscous, syrupy, wine is aged in ancient solera barrels for decades before release. We acquired a selection of retired PX barrels from a solera hundreds of years old and filled them with our rich and spicy Bourbon Whiskey. Left to bask in these ripe, fruity vessels, our Whiskey emerged with complex layers of fig compote, orange marmalade, and licorice to complement the sweet oak and vanilla character of our world-renowned Bourbon Whiskey. molasses

More Information
Alcohol Content 45%
Bottle Size 750ml
Spirit Type Whiskey/Whisky
Country USA