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Thursday, May 2 from 5:00-8:00 PM

Italian White Grapes

Italy ranks at the very top of the wine world both in terms of production (it's often #1) and in culinary magnificence. While the reds might get most of the glory, the whites are singular, versatile and successful paired with the finest cuisine. From veal or chicken piccata to white truffle omelletes, Italian whites rock!  From Cortese to Vermentino to the much-maligned Trebbiano and a uniquely Californian blend of 3 Italian varieties, we are going to transport you to Italy without the time and expense of an airplane ride:

Additional Information: 

  • This is a drop in tasting. Come anytime from 5 to 8!
  • Reservation not necessary.
  • $20/tasting.
  • Wines poured on sale for 10% discount during the event.